Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Diablo Valley been in operation?

The Club was first incorporated in 1955, receiving its Boys Clubs of America charter on January 9, 1956.  It has since been in continuous operation to the present.

What is the membership eligibility for youth to participate?

The Club primarily provides services to the Diablo Valley region; however, there are no geographic restrictions for membership eligibility.  The only criteria is that all youth applying for membership must demonstrate the ability to function within a high-energy environment, the ability to interact in groups as well as individual interactions, and the desire to become a member of a supportive and nurturing community.

What is the cost to become a member at the Club?

Membership at the Club requires the completion of a registration form and the payment of an annual membership fee of $24.  

How is the Club different from other daycare programs?

First and foremost, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Diablo Valley is not a daycare service.  The Club is an after-school youth development and extended learning program.  Members are encouraged to actively engage in all Club programs, and receive minimal direction from adults as to which programs they choose.  Club members are not required to remain at the Club until a parent or guardian arrives to pick them up.  This is called an open-door policy, which means that members may leave at any time.  Once a member makes a decision to leave, they are not allowed to return to the facility or remain on the Club property.  The only exception is high school members, who receive in-an-out privileges.  Additionally, unlike daycare service programs; the Club does not staff based upon a child to adult ratio.  Staffing is designed to implement effective and impactful programming.  The average staff to member ratio is usually 1:25; however, there are occasions when the ratio may be 1:30.  Lastly, our member’s ages range from 6 years old to 18 years old.  We do not separate members into age groups; however, programs that are offered are developed to be age-appropriate, resulting in the most impactful outcomes.

Does the Club provide transportation from neighborhood schools?

At this time, the Club does not provide transportation from schools to the Club.  Our Martinez Junior High School members walk or ride bikes to the Club.  Elementary School members are brought to the Club by parents or carpools arranged independently of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Diablo Valley.  Members who reside in Pleasant Hill, Concord or Walnut Creek primarily utilize the public transportation system, as well as parents or guardians transporting them to the Club.